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The Alpha Film Series is an updated, relevant and engaging resource designed to take people on an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith. It's for anyone to run Alpha with and will be free for download on Alpha Builder.  It covers all of the traditional Alpha content and is made up of 16 episodes (15 sessions, 30 minutes each) and 1 introduction to the Alpha Day/Weekend. It's fun, relatable and easy to use.

Share the below trailer with your church to get them excited for who they're going to invite to #TryAlpha.

How to use the Alpha Film Series

Register your course

In order to download the Alpha Film Series, you will need to register your Alpha on Alpha builder. Here you will be able to access training videos, the episodes and the small group notes.

Train your team

Although Alpha has a simple format, there are a few crucial things to remember when running a small group. Even if your hosts and helpers have done Alpha before, it is still important to train your team well. You can find all of the training videos when you register on Alpha Builder.

Invite your guests

You can’t run Alpha without first inviting people. Download promotional material for free from Alpha builder or order it online from

Start running the Alpha Film Series


Food allows people from all different backgrounds with a whole variety of questions and ideas to come together, share a meal and get to know each other.


This is where the Alpha Film Series comes into play! Watch the episode for the week wherever you may be running your Alpha: at home, in a café, in your church or at the pub.


The heart of Alpha is the small group: people can ask questions, talk through issues, build relationships and experience what the Christian life is really like.  

Got questions about using the Alpha Film Series to run Alpha? Email us.


Whether at home or in a church, The Alpha Film series is simple and easy to use, anywhere. Below are people's experience of using the Alpha Film Series.

Alpha Film Series Blog

Alpha Film Series Blog

Sophie's Story // AFS at home

Sophie's Story // AFS at home

Alpha Film Series Launches

Alpha Film Series Launches

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