Better together - Alpha and The Marriage Course

Better together - Alpha and The Marriage Course

New name & logo, same vision & mission!

As you may have noticed on social media, we have been undergoing many changes at HQ and hope you find them as exciting as we do!

First of all, we are no longer calling ourselves Relationship Central. From now on, when promoting courses, we will refer to each course by name only – thereby removing all references to Relationship Central.

Our new logos showcase this and take the shape of a triangle. The triangle is one of the strongest shapes and we believe that strong societies are based on strong families, and strong families based on strong marriages. The new logos are also now complementary with Alpha rather than competing with Alpha. This will allow us to have a bigger, united impact globally.


Moving forward, the wider team at HQ will be referred to internally as The Marriage Courses. We know that many of you will be wondering how we can call ourselves this when we also have parenting courses. The smaller size of the team, combined with planning for The Marriage Preparation re-film, means that we have had to put the majority of our attention and focus on marriage. This does not mean we will stop running or supporting parenting courses, we have simply had to take a realistic look at what we are able to do with the resources we have been given. 

In the UK, your Marriage Courses Relationship Manager will now be a member of the Alpha UK team. This means that all UK events and communications will be a joint effort showcasing all courses. Please do let us know if you do not wish for your details to be added to this database. 


We know that many will have questions and so we've compiled a list of FAQs along with the answers! 




Q: How should we communicate the relationship between RC and Alpha?

A: The relationship is not different than it used to be. We have simply aligned strategy and branding.


Q: I hear you saying The Marriage Courses. Is that the new umbrella word for all four courses?

A: It’s just the way it will work on our websites. The umbrella is Alpha.


Q: Will there be a logo for the cluster of family courses?

A: No. All the courses have their own logos and align us with Alpha. These are all complementary, not competing brands. 


Q: Why did you choose the new colours?

A: Sharing a colour palette with Alpha helps align the brand in a subtle design way. 


Q: Does this mean we will have to bin all our existing resources when the new branding is launched?

A: No. It will take a while for rebranded products to filter through the Alpha Shop. 


Q: Where can I get the new logo?

A: Click HERE to download all the branding resources you'll need.


Q: Will books also have a new format?

A: Yes, we are currently working on everything on a rolling basis. When one item is finished, we move onto the next. 


Q: Are there official hashtags or @accounts for social media that we should promote?

A: We will switch over the @RelationshipC account to @MarriageCourses and all followers should automatically roll over. Hashtags are currently being discussed. All ideas are welcome!  


Q: If we have further branding questions, who should we direct these questions to?

A: Email


Q: If we have any course related questions, who should we direct these questions to? 

A: Email


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