Investing in your relationship // Cassius and Jessie

Investing in your relationship // Cassius and Jessie

The couple met at a dance class and enjoyed their first date the following day. 11 years later and hitting a low, Cassius and Jessie looked for somewhere to turn which would accept them despite not being married or religious.

"Last year in our relationship things got very, very bad. We practically didn’t even speak for the whole summer."

Walking through the door began the investment in their relationship at The Marriage Course and since they have been recommending it to all of their friends in a couple.

It's so refreshing to take a step back, look at your relationship and to grow from that.

Watch their story below to find out how all of their reservations disappeared and evenings at the course worked for them and click here to attend a course in your local area or even run one in your community.

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