Students Run Alpha

Students Run Alpha

What if every member of your university was invited on an Alpha?

What if every member of your university was invited on an Alpha? Together could we invite a generation.

We can’t do it by ourselves but we could all play our part and invite our friends.  Alpha wants to equip you to share your faith whilst at university. All the resources you need for an 8 week Alpha are available to download free from Alpha Builder.  Run it at your church, with your CU, in a cafe or with your housemates over take-away. Invite your friends / your course mates / your neighbour.  Click here for all you need to run Alpha. 

Check out what a group from Sheffield did to invite their friends here.

Get involved and join a lab. 

We’ll be running Alpha Labs from September. This is an opportunity to think creatively about how you can share your faith with your friends in your context. If you are interested in attending or hosting one please get in touch with Georgi:

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Decoding Alpha // Alex's Story

Decoding Alpha // Alex's Story

Hear from Alex Wood in Portsmouth about his journey from trying Alpha, invited by a housemate to using it as a key tool in church planting.

We wanted to talk to Alex about what his top tips and tricks are, debunking the myths of what is takes to run a successful Alpha.


Who is Alex?

Alex became a Christian on Alpha at HTB in 2007. He’d been living and working in London for a few years after graduating from university and a friend invited him to Try Alpha. He went along expecting to disprove christianity but experienced quite the opposite.



After being selected to train for ordination in the church of England, Alex moved to Brighton where he worked at St Peter’s, and studied at St Mellitus College in London. After five years at St Peter's he and his wife, Liz, relocated to Portsmouth with their two daughters to start a brand new church plant named Harbour Church.



Based in the heart of the city, Harbour Church is located in an old department store on the High Street. They run a social enterprise coffee shop on the ground level whilst the church is spread over the three floors above. 

Alina's Story

Alina's Story

Alina's experience of Alpha and how it played a part in her journey of faith.