Invite a generation to #TryAlpha

What would it look like for your congregation to be so excited for Alpha, they couldn't wait to invite everyone in the local community? We've found that the most successful catalyst in guests coming to Alpha is through personal invitation. We want to support and strengthen this through digital and print advertisements, as well as PR, so that as many people as possible are invited to #TryAlpha in your area. To make sure you are ready, take a look at all of the resources we are excited to equip you with.

The Assets // Print

Print is a vital part of the personal invitation. Using a printed invitation can provoke thought and potentially lead someone to walk through the doors of their local church. To personalise assets check out the Alpha Print Shop.

Click on the images below to download additional assets, which you can customise,
to get your church excited for your course:


With more than 2.3 billion active social media accounts worldwide, there has never been a better way to reach a global audience with a digital message and make a huge impact all around the world. Use the digital resources available on Alpha Builder to promote and get people excited for your Alpha, by joining the #TryAlpha conversation.

Unsure how to use them? Below you can download the Digital Toolkit for an 'all you need to know' guide to inviting a generation to Try Alpha.



PR is a great way to invite your local community and to raise awareness of your Alpha. Whether it be your local radio or newspaper, read all you need to know about how to get Alpha in your local press, in the Press Guidelines here.


Having an exciting Launch event is another way to get people excited for your upcoming course. Here are five different ways different courses have launched the start of their Alpha around the country.


Got questions? Get in touch.